Urban Networks

INSNA Sunbelt 2018 | Utrecht

The XXXVIII Sunbelt Conference of the International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA) was held June 26 - July 1, 2018 in Utrecht. Among many other excellent sessions, the conference included four paper sessions on Urban Networks. You can browse the slides (and in some cases) associated papers) presented in those sessions. If you have questions about these presentations, please contact their respective authors directly.

Amit Kumar & Elisa Operti  [SLIDES]

Every cloud has a silver lining: Economic downturns, exploration and regional network renewal

Zachary Neal  [SLIDES]   [PAPER]

Is the urban world small? The evidence for small world structure in urban networks

Michela Pagani  [SLIDES]

Which relationships among which city leaders? A social network analysis of city leadership in Italy and UK

Melanie Nagel, Keiichi Satoh, Martin Stark, Marco Schmitt, & Elena Kaip  [SLIDES]  [PAPER]

Diversity in Collaboration: Networks in Urban Climate Change Policy

Karoline Krenn  [SLIDES]

Introducing “data lore” as instrument to examine methodological limitations of process-generated mass data in smart cities

Gina Lai & Fung Ka Yi  [SLIDES]

Casual Encounters and Social Tie Formation in the Urban Settings: A Case Study of Older Pokemon Players in Hong Kong

Carl Nordlund  [SLIDES]

The functional anatomy of spatial segregation: Mapping the structure and dynamics of ethnic segregation through multilayer blockmodeling

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