AAG2020 | Urban Networks

Spatial Networks

AAG 2020 | Denver, CO

AAG 2020  |  April 6-10, 2020  |  Denver, CO


April 7, Terrace Room @ Sheraton IM Pei Tower

Organizers –

Zachary Neal, Michigan State University

Kirsten Martinus, University of Western Australia

Thomas Sigler, University of Queensland

Urban and Spatial Networks I: Social Networks

8:55am – A Network Approach to applying Spatial Relatedness to understand Co-Ethnic Urban Settlement Patterns in Australia (Thomas Sigler, University of Queensland)

9:10am – Racial/Ethnic Residential Segregation, Income Inequality, and Job Accessibility by Public Transportation Networks (Kathryn Anderson, University of Houston)

9:25am – The evolution of a local food system: geo-social network analysis of local food routes in two counties over 5 years (Gwyneth McKee Manser, University of California, Davis)

9:40am – Spatially Embedded Social Networks in Urban Environments (Christa Brelsford, Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

Urban and Spatial Networks II: Transportation

10:15am – Peripheral Network Power of Rail Logistics: The China-Europe Freight Train and New Urban Hubs in Interior China (Xiangming Chen, Trinity College)

10:30am – The robustness of London metro network from network perspective (Yuerong Zhang, University College London)

10:45am – How Technological Transitions Reshape Regional Production Networks: A Social Network Analysis on the Electric Vehicle Industry in South Korea (Young-Long Kim, Seoul National University)

11:00am – Growth and hierarchy of the Railway Network: lessons from network science in the France between 1860 and 1930 (Christophe Mimeur, Paris University)

11:15am – Comparing Accessibility Measures: A Denver Case Study (Joseph Chestnut, University of Denver)

Urban and Spatial Networks III: Methods and Data

11:50am – Assessing urban adaptive capacity using economic networks (Shade Shutters, Arizona State University)

12:05pm – Extracting the backbone of spatial networks (Zachary Neal, Michigan State University)

12:20pm – Bipartite network projections of multi-locational corporations in world city research: realising the potential (Ben Derudder, Ghent University)

12:35pm – World City Network Analysis and the Curious Omission of Offshore Tax Dodging: Addressing the Multi-Trillion Dollar Elephant in the Room (Michael Tyrala, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

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